About Groundswell

This is a space for creative expression, analyses, reviews, discussions, and plain old chats and comments. Say hello here to newsy articles, features, short films, documentaries, campus events of larger importance, video-documented discussions and lectures by the who’s-whos, and much more.

Everyone is welcome to pitch in with their views and suggestions. We’re also available to chat with you about what’s up at ITMI, how to get admission, how we get grilled everyday. Check out “Connect@ITMI”.

With an unusual blend of in-class, field, lab, studio and industry training in print, broadcast and digital forms of professional, social and strategic communication, India Today Media Institute is an industry-owned, industry-driven and yet academically sound communication school. Trainees are exposed to the latest technology and are introduced to the best practising professionals of the various communication industries.

A uniquely structured internship programme follows on-campus learning for broadcast trainees, while mass communicators and media studies trainees enter a wider social and professional universe, including multiple internships, workshops, projects, and eventually, a systematic placement process. The India Today group / TV Today Network provides gainful employment to many of our trainees.

About ITMI


3 thoughts on “About Groundswell

  1. Hello,

    Does the diploma/certificate given by ITMI has value equal to a certificate/diploma given by an authorized govt institute or college? please reply!


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