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Written by- Akriti Anand

India certainly is not a developed country. But why is it so? The condition is generally reasoned by pin pointing the factors like economic instability, social inequality, infrastructural delays, and everything for which government is held responsible, every time! But is it reasonable not to understand our responsibility as a citizen and consider ourselves to be the prime suspect for the current state of affairs?

India Today Media Institute
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India is a country where people strive to belong to the reserved category and can even stake their lives for the sake of it. Today, no one is willing to afford the life in a general category. But whose fault is it? This article neither condemns the minority for classifying as the minority section, nor the Generals for wanting to be a minority in this country. No doubt, the reservation system has played “Divide and Rule” game, however the problem is the humans of India themselves who looks forward to get categorized in the reserved section of the society, in order to get benefited by the system. This implies that the people refrain themselves from getting upgraded to a better position in the society and want to categorize themselves under minority to avail the stated benefits.

India Today Media Institute
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Many religious community in India, such as that of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians (Parsis) and Jains, form the minority group. Dalits form another group of minorities. The root cause for the need of such classification, even in the twentieth century remains discrimination against them which is followed by severe atrocities and hatred. It is shattering to know that the attempt to curb violence and offence against them, which has been in practice since many years, has failed miserably. There rights are still in danger in spite of various laws and regulations. Not only this, a slight change in the law or any mishap with the minority simultaneously results in the violence against the rest of the society as a whole. The tit-for-tat ideology creates a havoc most of the time. Protests are one thing but violence in the name of protests, is heinous. Why can’t India get over this “casteism”? Why these serious issues are seen as a bonus by the politicians? Why consumerism and capitalism has overpowered everything in this world? Even the Humanity which has lost its value to its last bit in the race for being the first and no Mother Teresa can save the degrading situation of our society.

About the Author- Akriti is a trainee journalist at India Today Media Institute

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