Down Syndrome: An extra chromosome.

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Written by- Rajshree Tandon

An abnormal division of cell results in an extra genetic material from chromosome 21 which eventually causes a genetic disorder, known as Down Syndrome, also known as trisomy 21. The disability is named after John Langdon Down, a British doctor who had described the syndrome fully in the year 1866.

These people are no different from all of us, just have a little distinct facial appearance, developmental delays and intellectual disability. People having down syndrome are known to have 47 chromosomes rather than a natural count of 46 chromosomes. It is not a disease or a problem, just a genetic difference amidst few people.

People believe that children having down syndrome tend to be happier always, which is not true. Even they go through every emotional and developmental stage of life. The only difference is that they develop slowly with time. Children with down syndrome require more care and effort for their growth and development. They go though various challenges in their behavior, such as:

  1. They wander more than usual humans do.
  2. They tend to run off from places without seeking permission which is why a proper training for them is required to ensure that they take permission before leaving the house or a classroom.
  3. These children are more stubborn than we are.
  4. Children with down syndrome seek more attention.

Down syndrome is known to be most occurring chromosome abnormalities in humans. It is found in at least one child in 1,000 every year. Th life expectancy of these people have been able to increase due to recent advancement in medical care and social inclusion. But a harsh truth is that people with down syndrome do not get equal opportunities in the fields of employment and education, due to which they eventually have no control on their living conditions that include personal finances and housing. Yet, there are people like Jamie Brewer, Jay Beatty, Isabella Springmühl, Sam Barnard and many more who have touched the sky even after having down syndrome.

Down syndrome is not curable, and does not even require to be cured, just a little more attention and love for them will help them grow love for themselves and will make them no different than a usual human being. Also, they are known to be the most beautiful human beings.With the right support, people born with Down syndrome are living longer and fuller lives today thanks in part to advances in medical care and an increased understanding of the potential these individuals have to excel in areas that were previously considered to be beyond their abilities.


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An inspiring girl of age 22 Aditi, suffers from Down Syndrome and is a proud owner of a cafe in Mumbai. The cafe was gifted by her parents which is located Bhumi Mall, CBD Belapur, Mumbai. Aditi’s Corner serves light snacks which is relished by all her customers. She handles the accounts as well as cleanse the tables, makes a note of the inventory. Aditi’s hard-work and lively spirit keeps the cafe lit and going.


About the Author- Rajshree is a trainee journalist at India Today Media Institute

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