Food Trail of Udaipur

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Written by: Rakta

Food is the most integral part of our life. Some eat to live and some live to eat. We all have heard that gluttony is a sin but is it?  I think it is okay to be a glutton because if you are always ready to eat that means you are always ready to explore. Travel and Food always walk side by side and how can you miss some Rajasthani food when you are in Udaipur? 

Other than being a city of lakes, Udaipur is a great place to have some tempting food.The food trail of Udaipur started with a cutting masala chai from the local stall in front of Hotel Vishnupriya. The next stop of this food journey was Palki Khana inside the Udaipur Palace. It was the royal place which offered the Italian cuisine amidst the platters of Rajasthani food. The Cafe Mochathere, was heaven for the coffee lovers. The prices of the food in this place was quite steep but worth trying. Moving on, the food journey found its next stop at the local stall of “Banta” right outside the Udaipur Palace.

Picture Courtesy: Rakta

What excites the most while the tour is the Street Food of any city and if one loves eating spicy street food then pals, Rajasthan (Udaipur) is the place to go. From different varieties of bread pakoras to kulhad Coffee, this place has a lot to offer.The trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without the taste of “Dal Baati’’ with the lahsunki chutney. You can find this delicacy at any restaurant or dhabas in Rajasthan.

As one would go a bit towards the Mount Abu,he\she will start noticing the changes in the taste of the food. The Rajasthani delicacies will start to get a hint of Gujarati dishes. Samosa which we all usually have with green and red chutney, was served with some sweet Arhar Dal and chillies.

So, the whole trail of exploring food and places in Rajasthan ended on a happy note. And there is a long list of places to eat in Udaipur. If you are also a foodie or a food explorer, you should definitely give a visit to Udaipur and some nearby places too.

About the Author: Rakta is a trainee journalist at India Today Media Institute.

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