My Journey to My Dream

By: Saransh Thapan

Yes, that’s what I always wanted to be and being a Marketing graduate it wasn’t easy for me. As, I was searching for the colleges for the admission, I came across India Today Media Institute. I was fortunate enough to get enrolled here for a 2 year Post Graduate course in Mass Communication in the batch of 2016. My journey was from being nervous and been seated in the last seat of the class to being seated in the front seat. This institute has given me too much to cherish, from friends to mentors, it eventually gave me an entirely new family away from home, everyone guiding me on every step of my life is what bought me where I am now.

Few things that kept me moving was the motivation given by my teachers and seniors of how do I build myself in the field. The institute gave me an open field to explore as much as I wanted to about the media industry, which kept me in no boundaries and gave me an open sky to fly in. Not just the industry, but every step introduced me to a hidden part of me, which made me lose all my fears of facing the world and stand alone to shine out the brightest.

Today, I have achieved my dream by being a proud employee of The India Today Group.

Thank You to all those who helped me stand up on my feet all through my journey. This institute will always be an significant part of my life.

Miss You ITMI!

-Saransh Thapan

Jr. Asst. Producer -ITTV

(Class of 2016-2018)