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The US is under the spotlight, as the government shutdown takes place in the country.  On the first day of the shutdown, a serious contradiction between the Republican and the Democratic Party was witnessed, which led to a severe argument between the two. After the sanctioning of the economic bill on Saturday, the furious President Donald Trump blamed the Democrats for it and made a blistering attack. As the second day followed, a face-off took place between the two parties, putting a series of allegations on each other. Because of the shutdown, millions of government employees in the US were granted leave and their salaries were also slashed accordingly. However, its military department remains unaffected.


President Donald Trump visited Florida to commemorate his first anniversary; however, the crises conditioned him to stay in Washington. Donald Trump said in an event, “There should not be a shutdown, but this is it” (New York Times).  He blamed the Democrats for the shutdown in the country. At the same time, he asserted that he will overcome this crisis and celebrate another victory. Earlier, Trump tweeted that the Democrats gave him such a gift for one year’s work, in the form of this shutdown. On contrary, the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer blamed the president. His counterpart, Mitch McConnell warned that the solution is to eliminate foolishness, as it caused suffering to millions of Americans, which was unfair to them.

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Between the Republicans and the Democrats, the Republicans have made it clear that there will be no talk of DACA (a program designed for immigrants) until the Democrats voted and ended the shutdown. The former needed 60 out of 100 votes to get the economic bills sanctioned in the Senate, while they managed to secure just 50 votes. Democrats demand the government to provide protection for those 7,00,000 dreamers, who took shelter in the country as US children. At the same time, Republicans are not ready for it at all. Barack Obama had to face similar situation in his second term, while Trump is facing shutdown crisis just after his first year of office.

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