Electricity 24/7 for all at affordable rates: A dream for all


Written by: Madhur Yadav

Work done for development of rural area is “gram vikas’’. Many Gram Vikasyojnas have been introduced by different governments in India at center and at state level in recent decades.  Let’s see the efforts of different governments to urbanize by providing electricity 24/7 to rural areas of our country.

In 12th five year plan UPA government introduced “Rajiv Gandhi gramin vidhyutikaran yojna”. Under which one Non-banking finance company was introduced “Rural Electrification Company”. This company was under power ministry. This REC-NBFC used to give loans to power distribution companies so that they can improve their transmission network and supply electricity to more and more villages of India.  In 2014 newly formed NDA government changed the name of this yojna to“Din Dayal gram jyotiyojna”. Rest things are same NBFC will give loans to private and public distributors with same target to give 24/7 electricity to all via metered connection.  Metered connection means no free electricity. Thing to be noted here is even a BPL has to pay for the electricity. Government cannot give free electricity to all because it doesn’t want to face huge fiscal deficit.

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Urja mitra and Garv-2 apps were launched recently. On urjamitra Indian government upload all the information regarding power outrage in area, till now there are only 500 downloads of this app.  Garv-2 shows implementation status of “Din dayal gram jyoti yojna”. Hardly, 32000 people have downloaded this app.

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Following chart shows electricity rates in different Indian states. Electricity rates vary from state to state. Rates are high. With these rates it becomes hard to afford for most of the low income population.

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Now let’s compare power loss in India in comparison with other countries. There is a huge gap in India’s power distribution and transmission losses are at highest level in the world.

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Unavailability of Electricity is major concern for rural and urban India. To have 24/7 electricity is basic need.  Here, in our country people are not getting electricity 24/7, forget about free electricity. It is a failure of government.   Unless, these issues are not solved the target of electricity 24/7 for all is just a dream.

About the author- The Author, Madhur Yadav is a trainee journalist in India Today Media Institute

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