The Vile Intruder

India Today Media Institute

Written by – Manish khatri


He came in my life when I was just a little child,

But the pain he left behind lasted more than a while.

He approached me gently and called my name,

With his arms wrapped around me, my life was no longer the same.

He told me it was our secret which no-one should know,

If only I could understand what that secret was for.

He said he loved me, he said he cared,

But finding someone who wouldn’t hurt me is indeed very rare.

I urged him to stop, I pleaded to go home,

With his arms all around me, he knocked me out cold.

My soul trembled with fear upon every other touch,

How could I know when things got too much?

My parents failed to realize the sadness in my eyes,

While the culprit kept returning as a devil in disguise.

The memories keep haunting me and fill my heart with shame,

I spend my life thinking am I the one to blame?

The scars that are left behind would never leave their mark,

My life has been invaded; I have been derailed from my path.

India Today Media Institute
image courtesy – DNA India

About the poet – Manish Khatri is a trainee journalist in India Today Media Institute

Published by – Karan Yadav

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