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Written by: Akriti Anand

The ululation of Nationalism is what is trending today in the Indian scenario. The question of whether the nationalistic blood runs down one’s vein is answered on the basis of numerous parameters which might, or might not be relevant to the idea of nationalism itself. These parameters present before a concept supported by a particular majority, or the authoritative section of the society, as rules are definitely made by the people in power. When ponder upon the idea of Nation, it primarily is characterized by the qualities of the large section which act as a dominant group. The group either comprises people with same language, same beliefs or same ethnicity, or with common territory or common history. The idea represented by the majority is what highlighted collectively as the idea of their nation. In this process, however, the minorities are forced to shut their voices in one way or the other.

India Today Media Institute
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Is preaching the majority truly called “Nationalism” or is it particularly “Cultural Nationalism” that is making a stand throughout India in today’s era? “Love it or Leave it” concept has come into league where the Self becomes the nationalist and the Other is straightly tainted as an anti-national. Even a slight diversion from the Self’s idea is rendered as being against nation, while dissent is ridiculed publically. Nations are constructed using “shadow lines” confining humans beings under its boundaries, but these “nationalists” seem to personify the nation as a super entity which requires worshiping. They play on the grounds of religion to carry out an emotional turmoil which acts not only as a deception to the feelings of the people but also makes them question the reliability and ethics of the speaker too. The activities of these influencers are readily and copiously propagated by the news channels that play a vital role in conceptualizing ideas in the minds of the audience. The perception forming skills of these news channels and prominent journalists are enough to make or break the streak of follower for either the “nationalist” or the “anti-nationalist”. Hence, the major part is played by these news medium where the right-wing stands as the Self and the left-wing as the Other.

About the Author: Akriti Anand is a trainee journalist in India Today Media Institute.

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