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Written by: Mohammad Asim

According to the website 36.7million  people are currently  living with HIV-AIDS, 2.1 million are children below 15 years old, an estimated  1.8 million people worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2016 – about 5,000 new infections per day. It includes 160,000 children below 15 years. Most of these children are from sub-Saharan Africa and they were infected by their HIV-positive mothers during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. There are only 60% of people with HIV who know their status of illness, and the rest 40% (over 14 million people) still need to know about the access of HIV testing .In 2016 approximately 1 million people died due to AIDS-related disease.

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According to the  latest information National AIDS Control Organisation data, India has  57 percent less patient  in estimated annual new HIV infections (among adult population) from 0.274 million in 2000 to 0.116 million in 2011, 2.08 million number of people living with HIV in 2011. In 2015 1.96 new human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections have been found. 6lakh death rate has increased in 10 years from 2005-2015,around 8 lakh deaths in 2005 to 12 lakh deaths in 2015, a new report in the journal The Lancet HIV has said. The Indian government’s official statistics said 21.17 lakh people are living with HIV, in 2015 the number of new infections is 86,000. The main route of this deadly disease is unprotected sex in heterosexual.

In India, many Government and Non-Governmental Organisations are working to help the HIV patients and to educate the people about this disease. They have achieved a remarkable success in this initiative. The rate has declined in males and females at the National level.

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