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Written by :  Ankit   Aggarwal

Senior faculty Mr. Abhishek Shrivastava arranged a session with the guest speaker Mr. Anurag Pandey who is the founder of event planning organization ‘99plays’. Abhishek sir told students that Mr. Anurag is not only a name in event planning market but also a sought after ‘public speaker’.

To begin with, Mr. Anurag Pandey asked students to tell their name and what they want to become in their lives.

Some students had clear idea as to what profession they would want to get into but the rest  were confused.

Mr. Anurag Pandey said, “Those who are confused, will explore many things and eventually, will get the work, they will love to do.”

Following this, Mr. Anurag Pandey projected students to a hypothetical situation: what if they are not placed.

Some students replied that they would keep on sharpening their skills while hunting for the jobs. Some said: They will use digital platform to showcase their work. Others replied: they would explore some opportunities in freelancing. Some said: They will call their contacts for some assistance. Some other students said: they will take up some part-time work to support their livelihood and continue to exp-lore career opportunities.

Image Courtesy: Anurag Pandey
Image Courtesy: Anurag Pandey
Image Courtesy: Anurag Pandey

Mr. Anurag Pandey applauded and told that he liked the positive spirit of students that they will not surrender themselves to situations but will try to explore everything possible to make their career.

He then told us his own story: how he overcame failure & depression and positioned himself in the industry. He said, that the only thing which helps us overcome setbacks in life is ‘self-belief’.

He  asked students to guess the reason behind naming his organization 99 Plays.

He said”99 is the hard work we put in and place denotes the fun element in the work.” [So, in a way, he, as a true marketer, did a wonderful job of implementing his brand-name onto students’ mind. :-)]

Then, he explained the 9 values which they follow in their organization. He told that these values will help us in our career and lives:

  1. Work hard or go home
  2. Self belief
  3. Live to inspire
  4. Commitment counts
  5. Work should be fun
  6. Make mistakes
  7. Be original
  8. Hard-work beats talent
  9. Learning is real earning.

concluding  the session by giving the students  life-example of Mahabharata character ‘Karna’ he ended the Corporate connect.

In the end, our dean Dr. D. J. Pati thanked Mr. Anurag for interacting with students and proposed to involve students in Anurag’s next event planning assignment to give students hands-on experience.

The class representatives Aditi Dutt Tyagi  and Urvashi presented gifts to the guests to acknowledge their contribution.


About The Author:  Ankit Aggarwal,  is a trainee journalist at India Today Media Institute.

Edited by :  Shubhrika Bahadur Satyawakta

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