OM and the Udgeeta

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Written by: Akash Mudgil

Every now and then , we come across people meditating, constantly chanting/humming OM and losing themselves deep in concentration . For ages om has been the root of meditation ,but it is still necessary to know the true meaning .Very rarely do people know the exact meaning . In ancient times many great rishis gave their renditions and over time people read these and made some similar renditions of their own . Now somewhere in time and age we have stopped thinking about this meaning and are just chanting . One has to know what it means in order to really feel the sattvic effects .The true rasa or essence of anything is in knowing its  deep meaning .

So what is OM ??

The Chandogya Upanishad gives a very unique meaning and it is one I feel is closest to making us understand what OM stands for .

Simply , OM is Anugya Aksharam

It’s a symbol of assent . An approval .

In tantra we have certain words that are like keywords to invoke a specific kind of energy .

OM is the keyword or the root word  for liberation . Liberation: which is being closer to God .

It’s our symbol of assent to attaining liberation and feeling it so on .

OM is the word we meditate through , we meditate through our prana in various ways and chant OM so our soul feels liberated .

For years now I have used many techniques to focus on this meaning and feel it in my senses .

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I started using the Udgeeta , for me it’s a unique method of meditating from the Chandogya Upanishad , it touches all your senses ! In Udgeeta we chant om and feel its essence through the senses .The true rasa is felt from the inside .

The senses are eyesight to the soul you see , the vibes of our chanting soothe the soul and the sound of the chant creates the inner feeling of liberation and thus in humming om we lose ourselves . We attain that feeling of being closer to God .

Everything has an essence, a rasa as we say ..

According to the Upanishad , udgeeta is the essence of all essences, the rasa of all rasa’s.

Udgeeta is om itself  and everything as we meditate begins in om and also ends in it.

Thus ,Om is the key to liberation and Udgeeta is the method . In Udgeeta one has to focus on the senses in chanting OM . Not only does one have to feel it , but to feel it and also mean it. 


About the Author: Akash Mudgil is a trainee journalist in India Today Media Institute

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