9 years of 26/11.

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Written by: Shreoshree Chakrobarty

‘The city of dreams’, Mumbai was in terror for three days when the horrific 9/11 attack happened, that shattered the whole nation. The Taj Mahal hotel, a historic place in Mumbai was covered in the flames of smoke and grief as 166 people were killed in the terror attack.

It has been seven years since the gruesome attack took place in Mumbai, the financial capital of India.  The founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba(LeT) and the alleged mastermind of 26/11 massacre has been released this 23rd of November, 9 years later. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed had been hose arrested in Pakistan since January. The United States expressed its deep concern towards the release and demanded his arrest and charging for thru crime him committed. Saeed has a $10 million US bounty upon himself though he denies completely being involved in Mumbai terror attack. As said by Hafiz, who now heads Jammat-ud-Dawa(JuD), a charitable organization which both United Nation and United States have designated as a front for LeT. Leading to a controversial move before the elections, the release shocked the citizens who still remember the horrific event.

India Today Media Institute
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On the ninth anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, we pay homage to five of the many brave hearts who fought and died in the battle against terrorists.




Hemant Karkare:  Chief of Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)

Killed in action during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Hemant Karkare was shot three times in the chest by the terrorists. He was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS).



Ashok Kamte:  Additional Commissioner of Police

A highly experienced police service officer, Ashok Kamte was shot dead by a volley of bullets during the terrorist encounter.



Vijay Salaskar: Senior Police Inspector and encounter specialist

An encounter specialist himself, Vijay Salaskar became the victim of a terrorist’s bullet and died during the terrorist attack.



Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan: National Security Guards (NSG) commando

An officer in the Indian Army, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan laid down his life fighting terrorists during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. He was consequently awarded the Ashoka Chakra, India’s highest peace time gallantry award, on 26 January 2009.



Tukaram Gopal Omble: Asst. Sub-inspector and retired army man

Tukaram Gopal Omble was an assistant sub-inspector (ASI), and a retired army man who had entered the Mumbai police. He died during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and played a pivotal role in catching Ajmal Kasab alive, the lone survivor who later was convicted and sentenced to death for committing the crime. 


Refernces: Times of India.

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