Written by : Prashasti Shandilya

Pollution has been wrecking havoc in Delhi and NCR which gave serious health problems like allergies, skin problems, excessive hair-fall, breathing difficulties and red eyes.  The thick toxic haze which covered the major northern regions invited a number of troubles making the exposure to air outside both dangerous and poisonous. This made it inevitable to stay indoors, minimize outside activities and curbing construction so as to minimize the vulnerability to dust.

sunrise, delhi,flower
Beautiful Sunrise observed in NCR after a long Smoggy week.

However, previous Saturday has been a benchmark in a month long of smog and intense pollution as the subtle drizzle in the neighborhoods cut down the intense pollutants suspending in the air. As per the ratings of the central pollution control board, the air quality index declined from “Very Poor” to “Poor” which in itself is a massive change. Because of the drizzle, the pollutants settled down and gave a sneak peak to a substantially bright morning on Saturday which alleviated the discomfort people had been encountering.

Delhi Smog, Delhi
Image Courtesy : Bulletin of India

The meteorological department expects better air quality in the coming days which has been a sigh of relief to the residents.

Finally waking up to a morning this beautiful after weeks of roaming around in masks,” says Pallavi from Noida.

Smog has had a drastic effect in the lifestyle of people but Saturday morning, however, has been an “air of change” with people embracing the air through stepping out and breathing their desires in without their masks, this time.

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