Communication Catalyst, 2017- a behaviour change competition

On Noimg_0072vember 17th, Idobro, a social enterprise conducted a workshop at ITMI, Noida. Unveiling the opportunity for the trainees to participate in, it was the first workshop of its run throughout India. The session was aimed at imparting the knowledge to ITMI trainees on how to design a problem solving strategy. The workshop and activities involved were used in the light of Communication Catalyst, 2017. Ms. Karon Shaiva, the founder of Idobro talked the trainees through the conception, inception and perception of her enterprise and gave a great detail of its 5 pillars- Inform, Interface, Interactimg_0184, Integrate and Impact.

The process of design thinking involved the division of the trainees into teams of two members each. After the division, the counterparts were asked to identify a problem with their partners’ nourishmentimg_0136 intake through an open ended interview. Once the problem was identified, the trainees were asked to treat the problem as an opportunity to bring a change and they had to design a problem solving strategy for the same. It was very refreshing to see how the perceptions about the problems changed as they dug in deep for the root cause of it. The end results were innovative, creative, crafty and interesting.

Apart from the workshop and the activities, the enthusiasts were informed and made acquainted with the SSI (Social Sensitization Internship) opportunities that the firm has to offer to the Institute.

The session which lasted for almost two and a half hours left the trainees with a neo-attitude for problem solving- “A problem is not a problem. It is an opportunity”.