Focusing on the relation between Mass Media and Political Parties, Mr. Ajay Maken, President
of Delhi Pradesh congress Committee addressed the trainees of India Today Media Institute. The brilliant orator shared his words of wisdom with the budding journalists.

He opined that a journalist can have personal connections with political figures but that should never be a hindrance in reporting. Impeccable and credible reporting garners respect. With technological boom, journalists tend to record the speeches which can be misinterpreted but the essence of taking notes is reflected in accurate reporting.

Mr. Maken stressed on hard work. He quoted the importance of face to face interviews .He also mentioned about reporters who thoroughly studies the reports and then POSES questions. The veteran politician tactfully answers the questions, after judging the interviewers depth of research, he disclosed.

Mr. Maken’s calculation predicts a silver lining for the Congress party in the upcoming elections of 21 Parliamentary Secretaries. He is confident of getting a majority votes. He alleged that the people of Delhi felt cheated with the alternate governance model of AAP. As the Chief Minister of Delhi he has not fulfilled the expectations of the voters who brought him the power.


Then house was opened for a Question Answer session. On being asked about the rise of any promising candidate from the student’s politics, he said that the political scenario in various universities differ and rules framed by the colleges of having up to75%compulsory attendance and for election one candidate can participate only one time throughout the session, is the reason.

He talkedabout the MCD elections in Delhi and mentioned the progression of Congress Party and their comeback in 2015. Also in the upcoming elections of Uttar Pradesh the party is banking upon their chief ministerial candidate Sheila Dikshit’s experience.

On being asked about the election campaigns and marketing, he said it is an important aspect but it will be beneficial only if your word of mouth bears some truth. Huge expenditure on advertisement does nothing but creates a negative impact in the minds of the needy people. There are many other issues they are dealing with and are still unaddressed.

Presently, social media is an important tool but it lacks transparency. BJP made active use of this platform in the General Election which proved beneficial for them. Now the Congress Party is also making their social media presence.

On the issue of campaign expenditure of AAP, he mentioned that it is unfair to spend the money of Delhi taxpayers in promoting their party all over India.

Sheila Dixit representing Congress in the upcoming UP elections will solely be workingfor the development of the state. He said that our electorate doesn’t cast their vote relying upon the youth factor.

The Former Sports Minister highly criticised the current sports culture of India. He showed his corner on the medal count inRio Olympics as compared to that in London Olympics. Mr. Maken pointed out that the problem is not about the lack of infrastructure or skilled trainers but the sports culture of our country. First the foundation has to be strengthened and Sports should be extensively promoted.

The issue of candidates with criminal background and educational qualification is a highly debatable topic .Mr. Maken opined that there should be no restrictions and it is up to the voters to judge and elect the best candidate.

Mr Ajay Maken could read the pulse of the citizens. He said when the Indian National Congress party underperformed they lost power but our electorate switches very fast. Thereby he is hopeful for a majority seat in the upcoming election of parliamentary secretory.