US Elections insights from the horse’s mouth!

US Elections Speaker Senate Wayne Harper and The Maryland Delegate Aruna Miller held an erudite discussion on the US presidential elections at the India today Mediaplex.

They first explained the US elections process to the budding journalists. US being one of the first country to give its citizens power to choose the form of government, continues to inspire other nations. It is an exciting time happening in US right now. Irrespective of what candidate people are supporting, this election has mobilized people.


Bernie Sander and Donald Trump both of them are on either sides, particularly Bernie Sander is with the youth, he is very authentic and has got brilliant ideas and it is terrific to see the youth being engaged and caring about their national issues. People at by large are frustrated at what is happening at US Congress level. There is a larger partition there too between Senators vs. House of Representatives, Democrats vs. Republicans and things are not happening which is what is attracting people to vote for Trump.

They also talked about Indo-US relationships which are unlikely to change whosoever wins the election. The world’s oldest Democracy and the largest Democracy have so many shared values like belief in justice, belief in rule of law, climate change laws, initiatives in fighting terrorism.


Both the speakers shared their unique perspectives on election issues in the US.

The session addressed to the trainees of ITMI not only provided insights into the national election process, but also explained whether the election process is personality driven in the world of politics and how door to door campaigning is the most effective tool.

Coming from different political backgrounds we still agree to each other’s view because we share the same basis of morality. said, Aruna Miller concluding the session.