America’s Bond With ITMI

U.S. Ambessador to India
U.S. Ambessador to India
U.S. Ambessador to India Richard Verma

India Today Media Institute (ITMI) prides itself on providing its students with a global platform, and in collaboration with the India Today Group as well as with several governments and institutions, we endeavour to bring internationally renowned personalities to interact with our students.

Why do U. S. delegates choose ITMI over other institutes on such a regular basis?

When U. S. mediapersons, political, cultural and other delegates frequently visit ITMI’s campus, many of the guests interact with our students one-on-one in the auditorium at Mediaplex, our impressive Group Headquarters complex in Film City, Noida. Sometimes, students interact with high-level delegates at other locations—such as when President Barack Obama visited India early this year and spoke at New Delhi’s Siri Fort Auditorium.


Impressions. With each visit, the American delegations leave ITMI with delight and satisfaction. Apart from being impressed by the levels of interaction, they are also fascinated by the infrastructure and the event organization—largely by students. Embassy officials tell us that they enjoy the high quality of interaction, appreciate the energy of our students and the overall event management.

As you can imagine, our students greatly appreciate the steep learning curve, the opportunity to network professionally, and the professionalism that such interactions bring with them.

U.S. Politicians: The past couple of months have been perfect examples of this collaboration in fruitful action. Even as the United States was kicking off its campaign for next year’s elections, ITMI hosted a Democratic Party politician, Senator Ellen Roberts (from Colorado), and a Republican, Representative Paul Thissen (Minnesota State Minority Leader) and held an interactive session on U.S. Elections: Campaigns, Processes and Procedures”. The political delegates interacted at length in a discussion on a variety of topics raised by the students, including a fascinating debate on why Republican Presidential candidate and business tycoon Donald Trump is more of an attention-grabbing candidate


Our Dean moderates international seminar: U. S. and Israeli Embassies all over the world commemorate Daniel Pearl, The Wall Street Journal journalist who was beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan. This year, they decided to collaborate with ITMI. Our Dean Shashidhar Nanjundaiah moderated the seminar called “Journalistic Freedom in the Age of Digital Media”, whose panel included The Wall Street Journal’s Gordon Fairclough, veteran Israeli war reporter Yo’av Karni, renowned Indian journalist Siddharth Varadarajan, and award-winning documentary filmmaker Ramesh Sharma. ITMI’s students participated and learnt about conflict journalism.

Previously, Richard Stengel, Public Affairs head for the Obama Administration, visited us and spoke about the comparative media. He is renowned as the erstwhile editor of Time magazine. He was the editor during the 9/11 attacks. U. S. writers, professors and journalists have also graced our campus.

Our students have access to the American Center’s events too: They frequent the Center and watch relevant films, interact with personalities, learn and network.

For an ITMI-ian, all the world’s a classroom!